Blended Malt Whisky
Spice King
503.00 ex.moms
85405 - BS
Nose: Slowly develops revealing succulent stewed plums and raisins and well polished Wood.
Palate: Hot pepper prickles sea-salt sprinkeld chestnuts, spicy orange zest and cinnamon. Fine leather mingles with damp Heather buffeted by coastal sea spray. With water, ginger heat intensifies with smoky bacon cooked on a driftwood Bonfire
Finish: As the peppery heat fades, a subtle smokiness is left smouldering.
Producent: Wemyss Malts Ltd
Wemyss marknadsförs av World Wide Brands.
The Wemyss Family itself comes from Fife, Scotland, and their home since the turn of the 13th century, is Wemyss Castle which sits on top of an outcrop of rocks and caves three hundred feet above the Firth of Forth looking back towards Edinburgh.

The family have had a longstanding passion for malt whisky and their connections with the industry date back to the turn of the 19th century when John Haig (founder of Haig's) built his first distillery on Wemyss land. Even today barley from the Wemyss Estate is prized by many of the leading distillers, and Cameron Bridge distillery is located just a few miles from the castle.

With this passion came the gradual realisation that, even for the knowledgeable consumer, much of the malt whisky terminology can be confusing. Our range of hand crafted malts was conceived with the aim of making them more accessible and understandable. We use the taste and aromas of the individual whiskies to identify each bottling, rather than the distillery, so the consumer can easily understand the style being purchased.
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Nyhetsbrev 2018-148
I klassisk Fylking-stil kan vi ropa ut. Sommaren verkar ha
kommit på bred front. Men kommer vi att få behålla den?
Vi får hoppas. Själv åker jag gärna ut på sjön varje minut
jag kan och då har jag givetvis med mig lite godis.....

Anmäl dig till vårt nyhetsbrev! Bli den första att få veta...
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